"Puny god."

All I can think of is in the second one Tom said he had a rope tied to his leg.  He told the crew to pull it during his speech so it would look like he was grabbed.  He didn’t know when it was happening so he wouldn’t anticipate it and well there you go - standing delivering a speech on how grand he is and - WHOOP there he goes….

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I think Hiccup and Astrid are the best animated couple ever.

I love how their relationship isn’t a major plot point for the films. Astrid isn’t there as a reward for the hero, she is also his best friend (next to Toothless of course). She didn’t stop being a warrior after she became a love interest (and Hiccup wouldn’t want her to, he loves her for it).

They talk about their problems. They fight their enemies together. And they trust each other.

Something that I’m just noticing from these gifs. They actually lean their cheeks into the kisses, opposed to just letting the other do all the work.  That’s something actual couples do when they know each other well enough to know it’s coming.  I love this.

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We’ll have a Dalmatian plantation. A Dalmatian plantation, I say.

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I dont wanna freak you guys out but

The Lost Hero 
The Son of Neptune 
The Mark of Athena 
The House of Hades 
The Blois hella gayod of Olympus

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Kristen Stewart takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (feat. Nicholas Hoult)

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erik lehnsherr + using his powers

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"It’s very nice to meet you too." 

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InuYasha's full demon form.

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Spiderman Pointer Help Select